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  1. hi did you try a sight for your gun to bring in your right eye to be your master eye i am doing it for a short time and it works try this sight http://www.hivizsights.com/Shotgun-Sights-C1.aspx good luck
  2. :gunsmilie: he wouldn't like to run out of ammo :gunsmilie:
  3. very nice read to me the THL has open my eyes to many things but the best is i can chat to all of ye and no back talk ABT; clay man
  4. hi airgunner 106 are you left handed or right handed to find out if you are left eyed or right point your finger at a spot on the wall and then close one eye and what ever one dose not move it your strongest eye , try and keep your two eyes open since you are only 14 ,i am left eyed and right handed so i have shooting glasses i put a patch over the left eye and my right eye pickets up so i can shoot with two eyes open hear have a look hope this helps
  5. hi all looking forward tomorrow Easter Monday drag on for full bred and lurches hope the weather is good anyone in Clare can come and have a look just a fun day out this is it`s 22 year ps; hope to have a few poto`s up after
  6. :whistling: Eye on the storm is the one to beat but i think delcash scolari could do it newlawn class is a another one Shaw dilemma and tyrur lohan eye on the storm = 12/1 delcash scolari = was100/1 to 50/1 now newlawnclass = 16/1 tyrur lohan = 25/1 shaw dilemma = was66/1 50/1 33/1 now i would like delcash to win born and bred in Clare
  7. we have one on Easter Monday it is going for 22 years now
  8. in Germany they use them for wild bore they are slug shot happy hunting
  9. there is a lot of words i would use but not the f one
  10. sorry to hear about your granddad i will keep him in your`s prayers wishing well to him
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