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  1. Turned out a very nice animal Barrie. What age is he now?
  2. Won't let me. Message me your number and I'll send you some
  3. Yamaha timberwolf 250cc quad for sale. Two wheel drive. Excellent quad for light farm or equestrian work. Ideal for raking arenas, taking bales, checking livestock or brilliant first time novice quad biker. Starts first time, tyres all good, plastic all good, a little scuffed considering age. Nice cheap quad for the summer. Any questions feel free to message me. £850ono
  4. R.i.p Tam.A true gent. my best wishes go to his family.Barrie
  5. Have a look at Ayrshire terriers posts.ha f****n ha.Do you see what i see ????
  6. Again judges are getting put down.Very soon no one will want to do the job.I would say first, that i showed my dog on sat and never got placed.But the terrierman that judged my dog was just that.A Terrier Man.
  7. Brand new. Habitcht Swarovski Variable Scope, 6-24 x 50 PL/TDS-4 £1250.00 ovno 07860561045
  8. I would like to start a new post,touching on the pionts of a different post.Sorry Den if things got out of hand on your post,and keep up the good work.Although a new post i think the pionts are relevent and i would also like our neighbours(England,Ireland and Wales)to give us their veiws.At a working terrier show we would all agree that all the dogs that attend should be workers.,My first piont is,What is classed as a worker?Is a dog that works 2or3 days a week at rats or rabbits not a working dog?(not everyones cup of tea i know,but a dog can only be put to the prey his owner chooses)So if t
  9. Still looking for these lads.If anyone can help.clachan.
  10. My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.A very sad loss.clachan
  11. Looking for the casing for the old b+f collar.I have screws.rubber seal but i need the full casing.clachan
  12. I have a mate that got a Nuttal bred dog directly from Brian that was black and tan.If he was asked how the dog was bred,people thought he was at it.But he know better.clachan
  13. I mean forget it.A PUP that has not been docked within 4 days forget it.clachan
  14. Simple answer.Forget it.clachan
  15. Until recently i always by-passed the photography posts.(To my shame) I would urge every one at some point to have a look.Some of the photos are nothing short of first class.Please have a look.clachan
  16. how many times was he in a field that didnt have a show ring in it Ye ha 8 posts and yet again we have another prick joining.
  17. I had a lakie that hated water.If there was a field ,maybe 3or4 acre flooded with water,only an inch or two deep. He would walk around the water rather than get his feet wet.Sounds pretty trivial but really pised me off.clachan
  18. Cracking pics mate.Well worth your trip.clachan
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