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  1. I got update for the above scope my version was 5.5.55 the new one came up on there app so I downloaded it to the scope that was 5.5.76 bit late but contacted hikmicro got back to me and said 5.5.76 was for rest of world anyone use this version in UK TIA
  2. Hi I have just changed all batteries in mk 1 knocker box and nothing any one help please
  3. Hi can anyone help me out with the best meat grinder foe making up ferret meal that do bones and all Shotgun62
  4. Thanks arry it's just very quiet cheers for that
  5. Mk 1 locator why do they put silicone over mk1 speaker and is there anyway of removing it Thanks
  6. Hi many thanks for that I've tried putting other things in food and then they wont touch any in bowl
  7. I will try that i feed twice a day morning and evening
  8. Ye no what you mean but for some reason they wont touch prey thats what I'm trying to do there on 80/10/10
  9. Im the same just trying to get them onto game and off of raw minces
  10. I too dont want them killing in but have tried pigeon, partridge not bothered but i have abundance of game that wants removing i dont want to let it all go
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