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  1. Hi there Took catapult out with me this morning walking the dogs haven't used it to much to be honest. Managed to get a pigeon got it on the second attempt to tell the truth first try was the hardest shoot as it was sat high up in the trees fired over its head but he flew off and landed in the next tree giving me an easier shoot. Must remember to take it out more often as they seem to be loads of pigeons and squirrels about. Cheers wallie
  2. I will buy some gear and have a go will post some pics once I have made one see if they any good. Any places you would recommend for buying the gear. Cheers
  3. Cheers for comments lads. Yes she she Mark's just didn't take her with us as she is a bit lame at min she will be right in week or so. Fancy having a go at make some nets watches a few vids on YouTube ect and fancy giving it a bash any of you lads make your own?
  4. Hi lads fairly new to site. Took my little lad out ferreting for first time this morning maybe a bit early on in year yet but he been doing my head in asking!!! I myself havnt been in a few years but getting back in to it now. Just did two little sets close to home in a little wood never got anything out of them but first time my two young ferrets have been in sets so was pleased they have had a run around. My son enjoyed himself and got him out the house in outdoors for a bit so better look next time. All the best wallie.
  5. Hour run about in field early morning, hour or so road walk on leads at dinner time with my wife, long walk/run over fields and woods early evening or jump in car and run around on beach.
  6. Hi lads just got my first catapult and got my first pigeon was using 9.5mm lead shot. Had my little lad with me told him he must be my lucky charm!!! Atb wallie
  7. Hi and welcome, thank you very much pearl is 2 year old i have only had her 8 weeks taking things steady with her.
  8. Hi mate Welcome, yes just down the road from boro. Cheers for getting in touch mate. You get back home much?
  9. Not that far at all then mate. Hopefully see you out and about. Regards andy
  10. Hi lads Cheers for the welcome i live in eaglescliffe opposite preston park now where abouts are you? Few pics of my dogs hope i have attached them right no good with technology!!! Andy
  11. Hi there Just starting back up again had to stop few years ago due to working away. Have mostly have kept lurchers, ferrets. Enjoying lamping, ferreting and have just started to take an interest in setting rabbit snares any guidance would be greatfully accepted. Cheers Andy.
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