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  1. I bred her mate out of this bitch
  2. 5/8 3/8 greyhound collie 14 month old 25"
  3. My two mother black and white daughter brindle
  4. It would be Bryn for me because I want a first cross over my bitch
  5. The bitch I have is a 3 quarter greyhound quarter collie
  6. Any got a border collie greyhound first cross up for stud
  7. Is your lad called rob shaark
  8. Ha ha got you. Yeah she a joy to have mate any pics of your lads dog mate
  9. I got her from Hancock mate she’s just gone 4
  10. fats


    Not for 350 a pup
  11. Anyone breeding any collie greyhound pups ( border collie) this summer.
  12. My bitch just gone 4 in January she stands 25 tts

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    Nitesite spotter Excellent condition


  14. Nitesite spotter extreme View Advert Nitesite spotter Excellent condition Advertiser fats Date 20/03/18 Price £400.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  15. I was after a 3 quarter greyhound quarter collie couldn’t get one anywhere so when to Hancock the bitch I got suited me fine she works with Gun ferrets lamping good hunter Carnt fault the bitch.
  16. Thanks Leslie when I got her and started training her I everyone say it’s to early don’t do this don’t do that been a stubborn person as I am I took no notice and done it my way. Started at 8 weeks like I do with my Lurchers and I worked for me I’m more than happy with her.
  17. Carnt fault her for 14 month Old
  18. Thanks big napped. She’s a handy little thing works with Lurchers mainly but good with the Gun when needs to be
  19. First time iv took the spanial out doing a bit rough shooting she was spot on think I enjoyed it as much as the dog
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