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  1. Corky(amateur)

    Boars in Oz

    Really does make for a truely incredible, hair grabbing read matey!!! Keep it coming!!!! atb Matt
  2. Corky(amateur)

    what to send in for..

    And when your all sorted i would personnaly recomend a .22lr for the purpose of ground game and .223 for ground game and foxes. also if you put a FAC air rifle down, it gives you an extra space. Therefor you can either get one if you decide OR merely swap it out for another calibre at a later stage for no fee. atb Matt
  3. Corky(amateur)

    Cut grass

    Hi sporting shooter, are you actually shooting in wales or somewhere else,(just be broad) only reason i ask is that that fox has got a lovely thick dark red coat on it, i shoot in the midlands and their alot shorter in hair and less red?! atb corky
  4. Corky(amateur)

    Morning Mooch

    I work at a gun shop in burton. have tried both the biakal stealth and personnally have a single barrel belgian .410 with 8inch hushpower moderator on the end. i thought mine was quiet until i heard one of the stealths. very quiet dead easy to use and to clean. well worth the money. you looking roughly 350 new
  5. Corky(amateur)

    found a ferret

    good move matey
  6. Corky(amateur)

    My ferret

    have had four litters over 2 years, never had a still born, never had any eaten.
  7. Corky(amateur)

    trappin moles

    i am in a similar situation using the dufus traps. Didn't get many hints from here but that is tottaly understandable you mole trappers as it is a job and if every man and his dog could do it it wouldn't be a profession. i got a few tips from a pest contrller friend but just get out and experiment. personally, i found setting a trap between two molehills work and using the mole hill soil(soft and fine) works well to block out light and air but still spring effectively. i have caught 3 in a week so far and had one set off. i have 5 traps and am doing it for a bit off permission also.
  8. Corky(amateur)

    jill's kits

    ok. what are the chances she'll drop more? she stll seems reasonably big? ta
  9. Corky(amateur)

    jill's kits

    hi all had a litter last year, all went well this time not so. one of my jills have given birth to 2 kits. this seems ridiculously small. she had these this morning and i was expecting to come home to find another 4 or 5. what should i do, as to be honest, my vets are a rip off, so it is still an option but anybody got any other info of use. is this normal? cheers corky
  10. you a bit of a prick aren't you??!!

  11. Corky(amateur)

    Pedigree Black Labradors

    AS Above, KC registered, Mum and dad can be seen in flesh, ready for collection after he 17th of april, born 23rd of feb this year. Bitch has field trial champions in her family, dog has champion ihis family. Papers of both parents can be seen. pictures can be supplied on demand. Deposit = £100 Dogs=£500 (total) Bitches=£550 (total) Please call Bev on 07709 202230 for further information ATB Corky
  12. Corky(amateur)

    silver ferrets

    Why is that?! got me worried now as have just had one of my silver jills put to a silver hob....... bit late now, but what should i expect? still born, 5 legs????????
  13. Corky(amateur)

    trapped ferret

    jesus. hardy little buger! only time will tell. lol
  14. Corky(amateur)

    any body know what colour these are

    got 2 sandy jills. brilliant colour for working in all condition. snow or undergrowth!!!
  15. Corky(amateur)

    Ferret vs Mink

    glad thats strightened out. no hard feelins droid.