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    my interests r workin dogs , ferreting , shooting , fishing. my over all best hunting sport has to be the lurcher. night or day rain hale sleet or snow. makes no difference just watching the dog coursing its pray is a buzz ov its own. some say its an addiction DAM RIGHT IT IS carnt get enough ov it myself

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  1. Dog back with its owner a cupple ov drugies had him in asington
  2. Alreet lads n lasses some feka has stole me pals red saluki dog from Cramlington if any one has been offerd one in the last few days please inbox me many thanks paul will try n get a pic up
  3. should be another good show if any one is goin dont forget water for the dogs
  4. if ya fancy a bit chit chat alimac al be around the lurcher ring matey n gin al see ya there buddy
  5. realy nice pups them mate look in top condition credit to you mate
  6. crackin show this will be there again this year probs see you there dave mate
  7. been goin with 2 good lads for years 1 lad i started him off hunting at 15 years old and we know when to talk and when to slip lamp etc, the other lad iv only been hunting with him for 4/5 seasons and we know how each other work the lamp etc, but i do have neets owt with diffrent lads nd it pisses me off when they talk all neet long or there lass keeps ringin them, but the worst is dogs that dont come straight back after a run n the owners shoutin on there dog`s and scarein every thing with in 3 fields around us lamp
  8. i mate he had a canny jacket on him lol poor thing was gettin to hot
  9. deer/grey sal/grey with a bit collie in him
  10. hi guys just an update on bear the pup i bread a year ago he has turned out 27" tts doin very well in the field for from this and now 12 month
  11. was a canny little show shame there wasent any stalls on though canny laugh n bit crack with new faces
  12. was a canny day out n some canny dogs lamp
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