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  1. Are you looking forward to spending your time by hunting somewhere abroad? We do highly recommend you our home country - Poland! For years we've been organising hunting adventures for hunters from all over the world - never ever have they left disappointed. Hunting is our passion - and that is why we always take care of customers who annually come back to get some new adrenaline. Another benefit is just the atmosphere, while being in Poland you live directly in the hunting area - you are surrounded by forests and silence. We promise that no one will disturb you. Also, you will have many opportunities to experience the real tasty meals - we provide you meals from wild meat which you cannot aquire in a supermarket. Roe game offer: https://sanockihunting.com/en/offer/ Visit our website and contact us or ask for a discount: https://sanockihunting.com/en/start-3/ Do you have any questions? We will reply every single message: Karol Sanocki Teresin 37 64-980 Trzcianka Tel. 0048 604696049 E-mail: karolsanocki@gmail.com E-mail: office@sanockihunting.com Press in order to see more pictures: https://sanockihunting.com/en/gallery/#mg We attach a few photos here:
  2. Hi all, How does your roebuck's game actually look? When exactly do you hunt on these incredible animals? Do foreigners often come to hunt with you? I'm posting a few pictures from my hunting club taken in 2017/18 season. PS If I've chosen a wrong place, please feel free to move my theme.
  3. My friend took this picture in June during the roebuck season. We have two main hunting districts which consist of nearly 20,000 ha. Actually, the bigger one contains mainly meadows and fields where, as you can guess, we hunt on roebucks - annually we shot close 80-90 bucks.
  4. Hello! My name's just Adam and actually I'm only 18, born and raised in Poland. I've been hunting with my father as far as I remember - he's been a hunter for more than 25 years by now and so keen on red-stag hunting. I created an account here in order to acquire new hunting skills from you, guys! Also hope to get something new linked with your traditions all over America or Europe. Obviously, from time to time I'll post some pictures that depict our beautiful districts. Best regards!
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