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  1. The flirt pole can help with agility as well. Like you said you do have to be careful to not cause injury to their backs due to the sharp turning and jumping to catch the flirt. Many bulldog fanciers will utilize a carpet mill to increase strength of a dog.
  2. If you are using them for in-depth conditioning the slat mill and the E mill do not condition the dogs the same. The slat mill will teach your dog how to control its heart rate as well as avoid heat walls where as the E Mill won’t do this.
  3. I agree with everything you said. I love to read your comments. Good to see a man that has invested in his knowledge sir But if you were to continue into history dating 1980’s and on one unequivocal fact is The dogs evolved changed and improved after being bred here on American soil a basic example that any man that can see color would be no longer do you see many predominantly white dogs on real dog men’s yards as you would back then. They dogs are not what they used to be they are better.
  4. Fair enough. i just think the American pit bull terrier is something Americans can be proud of. The dogs improved Immensely after we made them ours. The American pit bull terrier is part of American history..... no doubt Ireland and the UK played an important role. No doubt even to this day as we see with the terriers Ireland and the UK have high quality dogs. NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT FROM THEM. But the American pit bull terrier the dog of the quality we’ve come to know was born here in the states
  5. The American pit bull is not the same dog that they (which ever story one believes) brought over.... and they are FAR SUPERIOR. Not trying to argue just wanted to state the unequivocal FACT
  6. Ya bill has a massive heart like his sister And the son of his that I have is the same. As far as I know all the dogs in the pedigree have been worked as I have pics of all of them with the exception of two after work. One of the two is Anne busty (swchab says she was worked but not as heavily as many others -that being said a lot of lines these days have her in them and they are planning out well she was the mothers to Edwards Simon who was a good one from my understanding) im not into the whole hall of fame stuff. I obtained the mother to this dog because she heavily inbred o
  7. This is the breeding behind her. If I’m not mistaken the gone digging blood is yours??? if so the male I have Inbred down from your bud dog is a very nice terrier in my opinion.
  8. As far as terrier work it would be a state by state thing. Only place that I know you can’t legally do it is California. Out side of there I think it depends on time of heat and other circumstances
  9. I’m pretty sure In my state if you bring one in dead you get a LIFE TIME HUNTING LICENSE FOR FREE. That’s how bad they are.
  10. Ya I’ve had some friends that were out hunting. With their terriers and they were jumped by them from what they say... I’ve seen them when I was out with my terriers but I was lucky enough to say there was only one of them each time I seen them And they did whatever they could to get away from me. My gyp Zenna is in heat so I also wonder if that is not bringing them to my house also
  11. Right now is breeding season for them. I believe they are trying to get to some of my terriers. We had a neighbor who had a lab. They dug under the fence killed and ate their lab
  12. They are completely out of Control I know am I stayed there is no limit and no season four of them you can kill them anytime. They sneak up along the side of my house almost nightly I want to shoot them with my AR 15 but I’m too close to a public road so I’ve got to go get a crossbow. I have thought to let my Bulldogs catch them. I have a red boy bulldog that is probably fast enough to catch one. The problem is if he does not other dogs in the area will be at jeopardy. So I don’t dare let him try
  13. Yes that’s what I figured you were talking about. Sorry for changing topics I was talking about when people were Terriers talk about hunting them
  14. Yes when people say that they have Doug to them it usually makes experience hunters question them. Normally they do not go to ground unless you run them for quite some time with hounds at which point in time they may go up in a culvert or something like that
  15. Quite a few people don’t like how they work their dogs. I do not work my dogs in the same fashion but that being said at least they are working their dogs. That is more than can be said for many othersQuite a few people don’t like how they work their dogs. I do not work my dogs in the same fashion but that being said at least they are working their dogs. That is more than can be said for many others
  16. The dogs that I used to dig were larger dogs one was 26 pounds this dog was the main reason I chose to go out west to work badger because he was quite big for my area the other dog was 22 pounds. Several of the dogs that I have posted on here look smaller than what they are in person and some of them look larger than what they are in person it is really next to impossible to get a real reference from a picture The 26 pound dog that we used was fairly mute I guess you would say the 22 pound dog was a mixer. We were able to dig to them using the normal tools of the trade ace of spade shovel
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