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  1. I asked the question because some dogs don't do Aswell as others when your not there! My Airedale is fine left alone but with the lurcher having half collie in it i wasn't sure?
  2. A collie grey could definitely be a option! What are they like at home? Would be kennelled while am at work wouldn't want to be coming home to neighbors telling me my dog doesn't stop barking
  3. I have seen that comment on a few threads! What's wrong with Salukis?
  4. I am thinking about getting a beddy whippet or beddy grey from what I have seen on the other forums. Plenty of walks and woods Near by to have a mooch with it and hope to grab a few rabbits. Make my walks with my Airedale abit more fun! but would eventually like to get into abit of lamping/ferreting even ratting of a weekend! Would this be the right breeds dog or should I look at somthing else? Any advise is appreciated!
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