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  1. Im from horwich n lived in chorley the last 15 yrs im just looking to expand my perms looking for somewhere closer to home than my perm in coventry it’s 400 acre just to far being 140 mile each way i also shoot on a friends in cheshire thats not to bad at 50 mile e/w id like to go after work at night with my 9 yr old son to get him out a bit more .i do all the usual door knocking buisness cards ect offer my services as a 360 machine driver for the odd day at weekend just thought id put a post on here just so its out there if you dont put it out your dorment doing nothing
  2. Hi i am offering vermin and fox control in the lancashire area in return for writtern permision I am based in chorley i have fac with .22 -17hmr- 223 cfire shotgun and pcp air rifles also got shooting partner if required can remove rat rabbit fox ect also pigeon crow geese ect i am fully insured countryside alliance all land boarders and landowners wishs are fully respcted and complied with , get in touch to discuss your requirements thanks Ben
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