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  1. Yeh blown a good 600 quid this last month already, so eerrrrr having a little time off rifle spending But thanks
  2. Good evening all, Please find my details below, available at short notice. I have worked round farms/estates for years and am looking to secure permissions for rough shooting - a hobby of mine in and around Winchester/Hampshire, i´m willing to travel a little. Land has become hard to find, so am offering my services to those who can help open a few doors for me or help me with the right introductions. Young (32) Fit, skilled with my hands and not scared of a bit of hard work, trustworthy and intelligent. If you need a hand or a bit of labor fire me an email and i´ll respond asap. All the best, Sam email - sgeermail@gmail.com
  3. My Combro does me fine, have attached it to models with and without suppressors, seems to read a few more errors when mounted to suppressor, but that might just be the light where it´s tested.
  4. I´ve heard very good things about them.. on my current wishlist... Will have to investigate the FX more si.
  5. I can say the same thing UF-T20, red, it works well for lamping, the rats fall easy and the rabbits don´t scare. Just beware the mounts that come with it don´t clear a 50mm objective, you can wad it out and bodge it, or just buy a nice SportsMatch mount that connects direct onto scope mounts... well thats what i did Leaves more flexibility for scope positioning, it´s slightly taller and stronger in my opinion then being mounted straight onto the scope.
  6. Evening! Just checkin in and saying hi, +1 to the lists. Have read a few good forum posts and thought i´d come join what seems a good lot for chats and sharing a bit of experience and knowledge. I´m into my shooting and fishing, and have lived abroad now for quite a few years, have just got back to the UK and looking to make a few new mates with the same interests. I´m Hampshire way and any excuse to get out, always looking to help out if anyone needs pest control, it´s a great hobby.
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