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  1. Yes, that would seem to be the case
  2. My last Battery went dead after about 2 years with good use, contact B&F who replaced old batterie for 90 Quid, They told me to charge fully and then discharge fully every 4 to 6 Weeks. Contact B&F who said to turn on and let it discharge itself, after 4 Days it's still at 88% there must be another way.
  3. Hi, need to discharge my B and B battery as I wont be using it for a while, I was told I need to fully charge the battery and then after 4 to 6 weeks fully discharge it. How do I discharge it.
  4. Hi, i have been Hunting/Shooting all my life (long may it last) like shooting Fox, Deer, working with my German pointer, just love country life Regards, Old Days
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