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    Choosing a Rifle?

    I am looking for a PCP for pest control on the father in laws farm. Mainly rat but also rabbits and pigeon. I am thinking .177 and look to get myself set up ready to shoot with about £1000. Just looking for a bit of advice on choosing a rifle and what accessories to get with it? Thanks
  2. griffgav

    Choosing a Rifle?

    The reason I have said a £1000 budget is I have bought a few things in the past and then instantly gone for a better model not long after “by cheap by twice”. But I do understand there are second hand rifles at good prices, but I run the risk of no warranty and not completely knowing what a good second hand rifle is. I have borrowed a couple of rifles for the rats on the farm and know I enjoy it and there are a lot of rats to be had. Again great advice from everyone and I really appreciate it. Thanks for the heads up on lamps bigmac!
  3. griffgav

    Choosing a Rifle?

    The HW100 is what I have looked at to be honest. I have had hands on one but not shot it so thanks for the advice I will try and fire it first. I have shot a couple of rats with an S410 so that is an option too. Really appreciate your feedback gents, the reason I asked is because there will be lads with a lot of experience on here and it already points to the HW100. Jonnyb6161 can I just ask why you recommended the range finder? Would it be to lase an area I have bated up for example? Thanks for the help!
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    I use a human tick tweezers on the dog, it's a little plastic tool. You twist them out, directions come on the packet. I think it's the only thing that guarantees to remove the head which is what causes disease as they spew chemicals. It's about £3 for one from the chemist.
  5. griffgav

    Out Ratting

    That's a great haul and one of the best posts on here for a while! Great work!
  6. griffgav

    Rats R Us.

    Thought I would post a Rufus update minus the spotty collar.
  7. griffgav

    A Question

    I don't know about the topic but I have the same cross dog and they look the spitting image. Mine is a great character, good luck with it!
  8. griffgav

    Knock Knock

    Hope this gets sorted!
  9. griffgav

    Rats R Us.

    Great pics, good stuff TH!
  10. griffgav

    Chester .. North Wales

    Lots of info on here mate and plenty of pups too. Good luck!
  11. griffgav

    Chester .. North Wales

    Hello mate! I am from N Wales but living in Chester. Only problem is I'm pretty new to this too. I've had a few DM's that have given me some great tips and had the luck to tag along ratting. Have you got a terrier already?
  12. griffgav

    Rats R Us.

    Looks like you had a good night TH, good pics!
  13. griffgav

    New Border Terrier

    My Border x Patterdale is exactly the same. 16 weeks and is great off the lead but as soon as another dog comes in to play he goes deaf. He is getting better as when we walk on he tends to leave the other dog and come with us, it's just in the mean time he is terrorising the other dog. Im sure it will stop as he gets older. Gav
  14. griffgav


    Watched lots of the Severn Valley Ratpack stuff on YouTube, great videos.
  15. griffgav

    New Border Bitch

    Ah great! Well a little while yet. I have somewhere to take mine but like I said waiting patiently until about the 6 month mark. Had some great advice over in the Terrier forum, just a few little bits I would of not really thought about. Good luck with her mate!
  16. griffgav

    New Border Bitch

    How old is she mate? I'm quite new to this game, I have a patterdale x border and hoping to do pretty much the same. Predominantly ratting though. Currently waiting for mine to get a bit older before I chuck him in as he is only 4 months. I will let him get involved with the rats at 6 months!
  17. griffgav

    Rats R Us.

    Haha I was waiting for a collar comment! Pictures look good, did you go through the night?
  18. griffgav

    Rats R Us.

    Had the wedding photographer up on the farm this weekend and he caught a good pic of my new dog, I promise I didn't pay for a professional shoot for him! Ha
  19. griffgav

    Rats R Us.

    Great pictures, big rats as well!
  20. I have posted in the terrier thread and had some help via DM already which I'm grateful for. Don't have a dog yet but looking to go along with a ratting group. In the military and in Norfolk in the week but Chester/N.Wales most weekends. Like I said I don't have a terrier yet, just trying to get some experience before I jump in! Great site and already getting lots of good information off here. Thanks
  21. griffgav

    Ratting Yesterday Evening

    Just watched the video, looked like great fun!
  22. Thanks for the welcomes gents! I will have a look at that book!
  23. Thanks guys! Already had a couple of PM's and some great help, glad I joined this site to get a bit of direction. Hopefully have some pics to post later in the year!
  24. griffgav

    Rats R Us.

    Thanks Neil, Hoping to get out and get a grasp of what ratting is all about and to get a terrier soon. Hopefully get some pics up on here soon! Gav
  25. griffgav

    Rats R Us.

    Treehands pointed me in the direction of this thread. The pics on here are really good, can not believe the size of some of the rats on here! I am looking to get a Terrier and start ratting myself soon, do you guys just burn the rats after?