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  1. WHAT ! Your not an airgunner ?...how come you talk so much drivel then ? The charitable answer would be that our perspectives differ somewhat... Except on airgunners of course. The c&@£s.
  2. I have no time for airguns. As St Augustine said "When I became a man I put aside childish things". No offence intended, particularly towards Jon79.
  3. I am a committed atheist Mr Francie, god may as well be the laws of thermodynamics for all the influence he has on the universe. Religion is something I have an active distaste for, truth be told, but I'm not the sort to mock a little old lady fornfor going to church if that brings her some sort of comfort.
  4. Congratulations on your relativity good mental health! Pisstaking is an important part of our culture and it's good to have mentally balanced people with which to do it with.
  5. I'm not like most, I do bother to read articles before commenting on them.. I think something is being lost in translation here, I'm out to brunch just now but let's revisit this later.
  6. Indeed and as I said the idea that the vestigial conciousness of a baby is a model for later life is refuted by toilet training. Why train some hard wired traits out and not others?
  7. She looks like she was eaten by a giant and passed as indigestible due to silicone content...
  8. They do the study on babies because they're not influenced by anything. There have been studies on adults with the same result but the argument was that people had developed bias due to external influences. Birds of a feather flock together Yours is certainly an interesting explantion, in a sort of homespun, folksy sort of way but I think it's far more likely that it is a Darwinian hard wired adaptation to compell the baby towards it's mother. Evolution is very brutal and babies that weren't predisposed to people who looked like them and therefore were more likely to be their wider
  9. That's interesting because I've noticed exactly the same thing with my Labrador This is presumably on the basis that the Labrador is approximately as intelligent as a baby.
  10. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/living/3323631/glamour-model-28-with-32s-boobs-unveils-extreme-mahogany-skin-tone-after-having-tanning-injections-and-she-wants-to-go-even-darker/amp/ Over to you lads.
  11. Racial bias is a genetic tendency in small babies. However the idea that this Darwinian mechanism in effectively intellectually negligible babies meant to make sure they crawl towards their own mother and not someone else's is hardly an excuse in later and presumably more mentally developed life...
  12. Are there ever any polite disagreements on this board, just out of curiosity?
  13. AHH there is the problem your only a trainee hunter you need to be at least an extreme hunter post wise before you can get the death threats combined with racial/ Religious abuse there are always the Geordies they are knuckle draggers and do bargain abuse of all kinds as they live in a shit hole anyway just saying like.Are you still pulling the victim card? Flasheart isn't muslim, apparently, I don't think he can pull that one just with a name like amir. You can't really pull the Muslim card when you drink beer, eat bacon and screw around though...
  14. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/3320801/shocking-moment-man-brandishing-a-huge-knife-storms-london-bus-before-being-wrestled-by-have-a-go-hero-who-saves-the-day/amp/ Talk about Zulu warrior, this guy must be a descendant of Chaka. Kudos for not just sitting back.
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