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  1. im going through the same at the moment went to my local station asked for the forms required and was told he didnt know what i was on about so i explained what they were and what they were for he then replied he couldnt do that as it was a breach of the data protection i left before things got out of hand went home and downloaded them on internet
  2. just read they can shoot grouse till 2018 but no trapping of vermin
  3. the patman

    Funny Ryms

    there was an old man from nantucket whose cock was so long he could suck it he said with a grin as it brushed past his chin if my ear was a c**t i would f**k it
  4. i get the same message when using chrome but no problems with firefox
  5. the patman


    i saw it yesterday dont think its the same lad some comments reckon its the lad that beat his dog others are saying its in russia and he got leathered for being gay
  6. ive had the same thing got a litter of pups on. at about 9 weeks old one started like yours gave mine vitamin d supplement for 3 weeks pup back to normal all other pups no problem all fed same diet
  7. Evening all not posted on here for a while but thought id share a productive weekend ive just had, after many years of shooting mediocre to cheap chinese rifles i managed to bag a couple of beauties first was yesterday went to farm sale and noticed an air rifle had a quick look and it was a hw not in the best condition but by no means past it thought this would make strong money but would have a go at it managed to get the gun for £46.00 couldnt believe it .then today a mate of mine rang would i be interested in a hw 77 sensible money as his motor needs mot on wednesday managed to pick that up for £120 not a bad weekend for a change now need to get a couple of decent scopes and maybe sand stock down on the
  8. watched it last night what a pile of shite glad i didnt waste more than five minuets of my life
  9. hi lee have you been in touch with fleet kennels at queensbury any dogs picked up by dog warden end up there also try lurcher lass she not far from you and usually gets dogs from fleet after the 7 days are up good luck in finding her.
  10. Yeah watching it now piss funny have you seen the movie
  11. id keep them last you a life time got a pair with commando sole at a charity shop paid £3.50 obviously they hadnt a clue what they were worth.
  12. Definately worth it used them a few times from back problems to atlas being out.
  13. Bet he doesnt think fishing should be banned when hes munching on his fish and chips the dozey twat
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