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  1. Jamie Legg

    Help With Affordable Barf Diet

    i might have to accept i need to supervise with raw food
  2. Jamie Legg

    Help With Affordable Barf Diet

    thanks guys i shall talk to the local butcher. dry food really isn't an issue feeding all the dogs together and they all happily graze out of the same bowl throughout the day. They all get fed good meat and veg in the evening so I'm not to worried about a lack of nutrition more cutting out potentially bad food from their diet without them ending up on a calorific deficit. the puppies are 4 month old terriers
  3. Jamie Legg

    Hard Dogs How Many.

    I'm new here and i can't believe some of the things i have just read considering the law and controversy at the moment. i used to be on gamedog.com, but stopped in the end because of the amount of incriminating macho bull so called dogmen would come out with. i have owned many dogs people would call game / hard or whatever and while it can be a good trait i haven't been able to keep one with me very long. i like not having a dog i have to constantly treat for injuries or having to have breaksticks. i have learned a lot from this read though, just go careful guys
  4. Jamie Legg

    Help With Affordable Barf Diet

    i used to feed my dogs raw. i now have 4 dogs and have switched to very basic kibble. i found feeding multiple dogs a raw diet was not only expensive for me, but due to the dogs pecking order my bitch was getting greedy with what she was eating and the puppies weren't getting what they needed without supervision. not to mention they need feeding more often. they do still get raw meat and veg in their diet but i drop it to them rather than leave it in a bowl. I'm looking into going back to raw food when they are a bit older, but would like advice on cheap, nutrient rich options for feeding whats now a small pack?
  5. Jamie Legg

    Feeding White Fish ???

    my dogs have it on occasion. my old bitch used to have it all the time and loved it
  6. Jamie Legg

    Dew Claws

    i have heard that they help dogs climb, however ironically my dog ripped his right back climbing!eventually it had got to the point it was ready to come off and just needed a little tug, my dogs pretty good and was fine with it. its not grown back and im fine with that. obviously assess how much its going to bleed though and let the initial wound scab up a little first.
  7. Jamie Legg

    Ripped Stoppers And Feet

    had this happen to one of my dogs really bad in the past, i actually went out and purchased a boot specifically designed for dogs. it worked really well and i ended up giving it to a friend whos dog had something go through his foot, never bothered to get it back. worth looking into if its really bad
  8. Jamie Legg

    Hi Just Introducing Myself

    thanks guys
  9. hi I'm new here and just getting into hunting. i already own 3 dogs but never really worked them. i have recently added two new terriers to my pack. they are ten weeks old, fell (cross chihuahua) cross Russell. i am pretty sure they will make good ratters, but would like to get more out of them than that. hopefully i can learn a lot from this site