Sexy Country Mischief


This highly unusual book mixes tales of daring dogs and dedicated hunters with mischievous country sex.

Archie’s foxes mingle with the unfathomable fee and the luscious Lila witnesses the death of a deer. A badger bolts among the bluebells. The spilling of bull’s blood blend with the sensual sway of shapely bottoms.

Rabbits and foxes are nailed from a naughty nanny’s bedroom. A sword swallowing student doctor gets bitten on a badger dig but later demonstrates her abilities in an extraordinary way.

A succession of gamecocks are beaten by a dunghill whose owner learns a valuable lesson and Fee floors Didriksen with a bombshell.


Over a 100 colour photos in hardback format. £30 inc p&p

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Sexy Country Mischief
Sexy Country Mischief
Book Collection
Book Collection

    won this book in countrymans weekly. fantastic book!!!

  • sophie wardle


    I am looking to order sexy country mischief for my dad, is it possible to pay for this through PayPal?