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dont think it matters ive tried letter W,V ,U etc as long as theres a landing zone in front of the hide thats all that seems to matter

hi bud crows seam to land away from the pattern then walk in to it .a lot of years ago we used to tie a ferret on a piece of string this worked wonders but the do-gooders put a end to that .

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You get a ball with a bit of fur stuck on it that rolls about when you put battery's in it from the pound shop I'm thinking about giving that try

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I think the best thing for crow shooting is to site the hide a day or two before you shoot if possible. When I place the decoys even in to about 17mt, there is no hesitation from the birds, they just come straight in.


I know not everyone can set the hide up in advance but if you can, you are in for some good sport. I leave mine in place for a week or even two if the site is getting loads of crows but only shoot every third day to let the crows settle again, works for me.



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Had another go at them today , it was lagging down when we started out at 4.30 am but eased before we actually started shooting . If I'm honest I think we were a day or so late getting at them as the maize was up about three inches and they never come in the numbers that were hitting it earlier in the week . Beneath a big dead oak with a few lofters and a couple of ff5's with young crows on it was a slow start , even slower when the first crow came right in and settled on a branch above me , poked the gun up ready to see it fall only for the firing pin to strike nothing ....forgot to load the bloody gun ...

Anyway finished the day with 42 picked , 3 out of bounds or in the nettles and three pigeon..post-81636-0-68657100-1498674043_thumb.jpg

The dog enjoyed the day ..

Edited to say I used bbq bamboo skewers as recommended by Les , to hold the heads up on the dead crows , they work a treat . Cheers Les

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that's a good day sussex . I like to be on the crows the next day after the siledge as been cut did not get on it till 3 days later missed the best shooting .sussex have you tried making a cradle out of strong cotton 2 of them bbq sticks like rugby post a bit wind moves it that works well buddy put a big crow on it

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