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That would be one for the experts ie. Pete.

But does the Tree Creeper not creep, LOL.

I was once told that the Wagtail is the smallest bird that walks and I've yet to see or think of one smaller.

One of my favourites too, although I prefer the Grey to the Pied.

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I'd hardly say I'm an " expert ", Neil. Far from it!


All I can really add is that both wagtails and creeps are what's categorised as " Passerines ". That's to say their feet were designed for perching. (That may throw ye, till ye consider, say, ducks. Their feet are effectively, primarily, paddles. They don't grip perches. They're not passerines. See?)


What fascinates me now is this: Has anyone ever personally seen a Treecreeper walking on the ground ....? :hmm:

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