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  1. Long range terrier loctor


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    I have a long range deben terrier locator and colar here wondering if anyone wanna swap it for a ferret locator will consider selling it


  2. Hunt Service

    I was I hunt service a few yrs bk put ur name down on the list with the mfha and ask everyone u know who is involved with the hunts its who u know not what u know
  3. Election

  4. Smithy?

  5. Smithy?

    Lol no that was spoon
  6. Smithy?

    Wasnt it spade not shovel
  7. What You Think I Said No

    One begins with a R the other with a C lol
  8. Smithy?

    Think he's just having a laugh lol
  9. Otters

    I've seen a few dead also on the a465. one run across the road by rheola last summer there a few up by cwmgrach if you walk around the 2 lakes by the duel at night u sometimes see them
  10. Learn something new everyday i thought the masters were giving them away lol no offence intended to you i know you work yours
  11. Maybe im wrong but i was told they had to have a cert to enter
  12. Its a good day out most of the hunts are there nice to see all the hounds
  13. Go to the peterborough hound show there a ring full of borders with certs doubt any of them work
  14. Working Terrier Orniments

    Glyns work is spot if you want something made he your man