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  1. Mink diving on a small fish

    Thank you Wayne
  2. This was a nice project to work on for one of the lads on here, he was looking for a mink diving for a small fish which I hope I captured ok. Wrapped body and a carved head, the fish is a little replica cheers R
  3. Brown Hares Boxing

    thanks Rich see you soon for that cup of tea
  4. Brown Hares Boxing

    thanks Wayne
  5. Brown Hares Boxing

    Pair of brown hares i have been working on cheers R
  6. Mountain Hares Boxing

    hi rich I must come and see you for tea and a chat I'll text and make a date for a chat.
  7. Haven't posted in awhile thought I would share these mountain hares fighting cheers R
  8. Winter Mink

    Project I just finished pair of silver grey mink sliding in winter snow wrapped body's carved heads cheers R
  9. Grey Fox

    Little grey fox I have been working on the skin had been in my freezer for afew years so thought I had better get round to mounting it up cheers R
  10. Leaping Frog

    As you know I'm a mammal guy but thought I would try some amphibians, got hold of This frog so thought I would have ago cheers R
  11. Little project just finished little weasels chasing a brown rat. Wrapped the body's and carved heads cheers R
  12. Been on my bench awhile so finally got around to finishing it up. The Martin was a mess due to the fact it had been flattened by a car so hasn't come out to bad. Cheers R
  13. Winter Fox

    Tried something alittle different from the normal mask, when it's dry I will sprinkle some snow flocking over it give it a winter look cheers R
  14. Stoat And Weasel

    Couple of little projects I have just finished working on. Nice dog Stoat and a pretty little Weasel wrapped body's and carved heads. Cheers R
  15. Red Fox Mask

    Just finished this shoulder wall pedestal winter coat red fox. The coats seam to be in lovely condition this season and a lot of variation in colours beautiful animals DM for details cheers R