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  1. Mink drinking

    Project I have been working on finally got round to finishing up mink drinking wrapped body and a carved head cheers R
  2. Grey fox on rock

    Beautiful grey fox I have just finished putting together came in as a salted dried skin wrapped body and a carved head cheers R
  3. Look What I Found!

    Hope your going to get it mounted looks like it’s in nice condition.
  4. Latest fox mask.

    Nice mask Wayne
  5. Vixen fox mask

    I’m back at it finally, after some health issues have afew projects up and running here’s a nice vixen fox mask I have just finished working on cheers R
  6. Any keepers in Scotland trapping Ermine of colour phases stoats I’m after afew for taxidermy small fee payed plus will cover the postage or will mount a piece in exchange kind regards R
  7. Ermine

    Hi guys any of you trapping fellas able to get some full Ermine or colour phased stoats cheers R
  8. Dipper

    One of the top bird taxidermists in the country and a really nice guy.
  9. Last mounts of this year due to ill health I’ve not been In my workshop much but hopefully in the new year I can get back to normal. I’d like to take the time to wish those who follow what I get up to and comment a peaceful Christmas and a healthy new year. cheers R

    I think he’s a top fella always had something nice to say in the Taxidermy section, and always kept an eye out on what I was up to cheers R
  11. This was a nice project to work on for one of the lads on here, he was looking for a mink diving for a small fish which I hope I captured ok. Wrapped body and a carved head, the fish is a little replica cheers R
  12. Brown Hares Boxing

    thanks Rich see you soon for that cup of tea
  13. Brown Hares Boxing

    thanks Wayne
  14. Brown Hares Boxing

    Pair of brown hares i have been working on cheers R