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  1. Crow shooting red letter day

    His title reads "CROW" SHOOTING RED LETTER DAY if you neglected to read it Navek....My father was also one of the best national flyers this country has ever seen as clearly stated recently in the Homing world and he could tell the difference between a feral and a racer with a very keen well trained eye having spent countless hours watching the sky for his birds to hopefully get back home. Jok hit the nail on the head with what he said. Number one rule before taking any shot no matter what the quarry..."IF IN DOUBT DON'T TAKE THE SHOT" ! .....Simple as .
  2. Crow shooting red letter day

    Not hard at all when you're actually supposed to be shooting & decoying crows
  3. Crow shooting red letter day

    I do hope that none of those pigeons were passing racers, some people devote lots of time and money in that sport.
  4. Viper Pst Mrad Or Moa

    It all depends on which way you naturally think, whether your range estimates, target sizes are in yards, feet and inches (imperial) then MOA or if they are in Meters, centimeters (metric) then MilRad.
  5. Toilet paper closely resembles work ....You're either on a roll or taking shit from some asshole !

  6. Getting There With N133 Recipe

    N140 is very similar to Tr 140 and RL15 which are both proven for what I require using 55 grn rounds....this and my mate just happened to have some to hand so gave it a whirl 😉 atb
  7. Getting There With N133 Recipe

    Just started venturing into the reloading and after researching & speaking to various others I think I may have got the right load for my needs.... Tikka T3X .223 1.12 twist. 25 grn Vihtavuori N140, Nosler 55 grn ballistic tip Varmint heads. Lapua brass. 4 round group aiming at & hitting the pin that was holding the board on @ 100 mtrs....... FOX BEWARE !
  8. Firearm/Shotgun Renewal

    Cheers fellas I thought that was the case but a work colleague seems to think otherwise which confused me
  9. Firearm/Shotgun Renewal

    Finding the forms a bit confusing, sorry if its already been asked but do I really need 2 referees to renew my licences or are they only required on first time applications and is the fee £60 to have them expire together ? Cheers
  10. Advice please

    Cheers guys for all your input, I took the said weapon back to the dealer 1st thing which meant taking time out from work for a couple of hours but hey ho, they were surprisingly very laid back about it, turns out it had been one huge administration cock up. They sold it and had it on the shelf as a Sec 2 weapon and knew nothing about it being sec 1 untill I raised the issue. Made my feelings clear, left it in their hands to sort out and basically covered my ass. Now awaiting the outcome !
  11. Advice please

    What information was on the paperwork I can't say, authorities were notified of the transaction via the net at the time of the sale, my copy was placed in a self sealed envelope which has now been posted off. I know that with air rifles, once one has been taken above 12ft lbs and registered as a sec 1 firearm it will always remain on record as a Sec 1 firearm even if its taken back to 12ft lbs.....would this also apply in my case with chopping/capping the magazine tube ? I reckon its always on file as sec1 shotgun regardless. What a mine field of cluster f*<&s this is :$
  12. Advice please

    Cheers for the replies, much appreciated. Only problems I have here fellas is that the authorities have already been notified of the sale. The place I purchased it from is closed today & I won't be able to take it back until next week as I'm working away from home. May just email my police firearms dept explaining my problem in the meantime, nothing but answerphones everywhere today :S
  13. Advice please

    I purchased in good faith a new Hatsan Escort semi auto shotgun at the weekend from a dealer. Purchased in the understanding that it was a Sec 2 shotgun. However once I got home and registered my guarantee online once I entered the serial number it came up as a Sec 1 shotgun. Upon closer inspection I found it carries 4 shells in the tube and 1 in the breach. I do have a firearms license as well as shotgun cert although I dont currently have a slot for a Sec 1 shotgun on my FAC. What should I do to make this legal and above board ? Is it just a case of transfering the said firearm from my shotgun cert to my Fac via a variation ? Advice please gents
  14. what .22 are you using?

    Sako Finnfire Hunter for me teamed up with Leupold scope, Sak mod and Harris bipod....Dogs Nads !
  15. Garden gun

    After reading this thread I found this on youtube....