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  1. Happy Sunday everyone!!! I recently edited some more footage from last season on our pheasant syndicate and I just wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy: https://youtu.be/zqXnPzHUrZo
  2. I still have a few videos from the past game season to make, time is seriously limited to edit these days. Anyway , this one is from Boxing Day 2017 on our syndicate, a lovely sunny day out in lovely surroundings. Thanks for watching as always
  3. This video has some quality shots, but undoubtedly my favourite shot of the year which was a high hen bird about 50 yards high. To be honest I couldn't believe I brought it down. During the same video I nearly had a cock bird take the head of me and one really distant crow which you can tell in the video with the lead I gave it.
  4. ollie391

    Wintery Rough Shooting

    Thanks for watching lads
  5. This video from the start of December was filmed in the pursuit of the greatest game bird of them all. Quite a wintery day with snow, hail & strong wind, but ended up with a decent bag of birds. I hope you all enjoy
  6. Below is my latest video from the pheasant syndicate. Videoed over a couple of days during end of November/Start of December. There is also an appearance from a pod of porpoises which were only about 50 yards out into the sea. Hope you all enjoy.
  7. Haven't been on a lot recently as I moved into a new house and have no internet yet. Anyway I made this video a couple of weeks ago and only got round to posting it. Footage from a couple of early days out on our syndicate. I was a little annoyed as some of the footage of my dog working hard was ruined by a drip on the camera. Loads more videos to follow when the internet gets installed.
  8. ollie391

    Crow shooting red letter day

    I don't go to a field with the intention of shooting crows or pigeons. Both are vermin, so I'll gladly shoot both given the opportunity. This farm has a chip factory on it and the feral pigeons congregate around the factory sheds. They fly between this farm & another farm I have permission on and both farmers have asked me to shoot ferals around their sheds. Yes you are quite right I shouldn't have to justify myself on the video, I stated they are ferals so why should anyone doubt me. Thanks another person with common sense that can tell the difference between a feral & racer. My title reads that because it was a red letter day at crows. I was hardly going to put the title as "crow shooting red letter day with ferals, magpie & a handful of woodies". If I was in doubt what the birds were I wouldn't take the shots, as I stated in one of my other comments this farm is full of ferals. Thanks fella.
  9. ollie391

    Crow shooting red letter day

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments, sorry only replying now, haven't been on in a while. I honestly can't tell you if I shoot with both eyes open or not, it's just natural so I don't consciously open both or close one. My best mates father has raced pigeons all his life told me before that racing pigeons do not decoy into fields, they fly on a straight course back home normally at a decent height. I can assure you all the birds were ferals.
  10. Only getting round to making this video now from the end of September. I had a day on barley stubble shooting corvids and had a great day passing 3 figures. Birds decoyed lovely and I shot decent also with lots of doubles as you'll see in the video. It was also memorable due to the amount of Grey Crows I managed to shoot in the process.
  11. ollie391

    Seaview Crow Shooting

    Thanks David
  12. We have had a serious problem with corvids taking the pheasant feed. They have been difficult to decoy but for some reason this particular day they decoyed quite well. Ended up with a respectable bag of birds and a decent bit of sport: https://youtu.be/vgebRKD94_I
  13. ollie391

    Crow Shooting On Laid Wheat

    Thank you, the third bird made it easy for me.