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  1. Frounce/Canker

    Are they any falconers or pigeons fanciers that have any Spartrix tabs to treat frounce, I only need x2 tabs and they are sold in packs of x50. If anyone could send me a couple in the post I could send a payment to cover costs. Thanks Richard
  2. Where’s they best place to buy a double plastic terrier box? Thanks Rich
  3. Silver Ferrets

    Any for sale???
  4. Silver Ferrets

    Any Silvers for sale around northwest can travel within reason. Thanks
  5. Silver Ferrets

    I know colour has sod all to do working ability but does anyone have a working strain of silvers doing the job?
  6. I have a fit 8 year old patterdale terrier. I want to keep a pup from her as she is a good worker but is she too old? It would be her first litter, would it take too much out of her?
  7. Kits - Free To Good Homes

    Just the polecat hob left now
  8. Kits - Free To Good Homes

    Think someone is having the working albino Jill on Sunday(st Helens hunter). So just the 2 Kits left if anyone interested
  9. Kits - Free To Good Homes

    Polecat Hob & Jill 8 Weeks Old. Also 3 year old Albino Jill, quite small works rabbit & rat free to good homes. Warrington
  10. Prazi-Mec D

    Bought some of these a while ago on here, anyone still get these wormers??
  11. Steel Shot Wood Pigeon

    Any steel shot or head shot air rifle wood pigeons for sale around Cheshire, Warrington?
  12. Ferret Kits

    Albino hob & Jill from workers. Free to good homes. Warrington
  13. Season Suppreser

    Probably the same stuff they use on ferrets delvosteron??
  14. Metacam & Marbocyl

    Send me a link & I will ya twat, they are prescription only
  15. Metacam & Marbocyl

    Has anybody got any of these meds left over from old vet visits they would like to sell or give to me. I have had them before from the vets for bumblefoot/talon puncturing foot etc. Would just like to keep some in the first aid box for future if anyone has any left over gathering dust in the cupboard rather than paying the vets a small fortune. Pm if can help thanks Richard