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  1. ???

    Find a lot of dogs when on a lead get like that
  2. Not Much About

    On a lot of my permission I have average around 40 a time this year average is 3 rabbits bad in Kent
  3. Day Out

    It's was a cracking day mate and a nice place still very much enjoyed myself but numbers are down big time in Kent mate
  4. Dog, Ferrets, Nets And Good Company

    Cracking day bye the sound of it
  5. Day Out

    Out all day and only got 3 rabbit there is just nothing about put out 200 meters of long net on first set and only 2 rabbits from it just now earth's are holding anything
  6. Not Much About

    Not mate there is just nothing about
  7. Day Out

  8. Out Tomorrow

  9. Out Tomorrow

    Going out tomorrow on a farm in left alone all last year hope there is on this one will take some pics and let yous know how I get on
  10. Few Pics Of My Pup

    Nice pup how's it bred
  11. Fast Dogs

    Whippet grey fx only 21tts fast as you like
  12. Not Much About

    That's it mate in the summer there was loads about thought I couldn't wait for season to start
  13. Not Much About

    Been going to my permission I normally always get good numbers but this year so far lucky to get 4 and on other permission I lamp walk them for hours lucky if you see 2
  14. D Lloyd Lamps

    Any 120 lamps left and how do I order one