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  1. Cheers mate. Like I said, ideal habitat with a stream for water. All that is missing is an abundant food source ATB
  2. Hi was curious on people’s thoughts about holding pheasants in a reasonably small area (is a large area of permission but is small in comparison to land managed for game). Recently asked the bloke allowing me to shoot ( had the permission many years now) and he said no to putting a few feeders up on the condition that the area of woodland has is open to the public and is sometimes frequented by youths (chavs haha) who may simply just damage the feeders. so I was thinking of just scattering grain along woodland edges and hedge bottoms on a regular basis as I’ve been told by keepers and shoots who have took on land where no birds have been seen for many years (before any further releasing has been done) that simply putting out feed with sometimes of just one hopper in an ideal area does happen to draw a substantial number of birds as long as this food source is kept topped up will hold them well, also knowing pheasants, especially the cock birds take up woodland edges as apart of their territory. There is no farmland as the permission is mainly woodland with meadows. I may also attempt to rear and release my own small population of pheasants as i know the surrounding farmers and dont fancy stealing them haha Any suggestions feel free, especially falconers who normally rely on wild populations of birds. ATB
  3. Webley osprey

    Cheers mate. Yeh I heard they were at best 9/10 ft lb air rifles but was curious of the outcomes of tuning projects on these rifles?
  4. Webley osprey

    Was curious to know what is the highest ft/lbs anyone got out of webley osprey, standard or once tuned and if once tuned was smooth or just a cycling failure?
  5. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    anyone else passing by feel free to share your thoughts
  6. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    Oh and btw of long wings, I was thinking of one as even if no hunting slips were to be found as often as I would like at least I could fly them to the lure to keep them occupied and fit as apposed to a broad wing going back into its mews. This is the style of mews I was thinking of?? (Off a kestrel page on Facebook) ATB
  7. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    That's why I'm curious on different suggestions for first birds so I have an idea on the kind of mews I need to construct. Know how to make jesses, anklets and that, fitted a barn owl and a few kestrels some moons ago. If I was to take up a long medium size longwing I'd simply have them tied to their perchs like some people recommend for long wings ( in order for them not to damage feathers) but utilize a good quality shed that both insulates and ventilated (came into a chance of having one) and build an extra flight pen for maybe a broad wing as I've heard that is better for some birds ATB
  8. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    Well I apologize I don't have the money to pay for car insurance or anything. I get a lift to my shooting permission almost every weekend where there is a good few well asserted rabbit warrens with pheasants coming in here and there. I have permission to shoot on other neighboring farms which are closer, just a 5 minute walk. My permanent permission is the grounds of an old manor house so you can imagine the size. Even if I could drive, it's far cheaper to get the bus into the centre of town for the falconry club meetings. You weren't thinking I was planning on getting a bus with a hawk?? ATB
  9. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    TBH mate the Bloke who used to fly Harris hawks no longer has them. Couldn't find the time for them, he works on the rigs I think? So I'm just bobbing from place to place trying to find People here and there who'll let me tag along haha. I've put adds onto Facebook just asking if anyone needed an extra set of hands with their birds. Got some good feedback. Even had one bloke say if I could make up to to north Scotland he'd let me help with his long wings and that haha. Too far for me tho. Might be worth a try for you my friend ATB
  10. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    TBH that's not too far, could probably get bus there. What I meant by not asking a local falconer I know in relation to the question of beginners birds is that it's going to be a biased answer which today is normally "get a Harris, they're 'easy' ( which is what puts me off, it makes the whole idea of being a falconer seem easy)". By asking on here you get a wider range of responses. By questions I'd need to ring up for, I mean once I've got said bird, I.e do u think I'm on the right path?, do you think their weight needs dropping a bit more?, where are the best areas to get a regular supply of good food?, them sort of things
  11. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    And how does this mean u want to learn but I don't? I can't really see the point in your post but thanks for the info at the end. As far as I'm aware there is no clubs in the north east. The question was more on other suitable beginners birds in which to hunt on land I've got not exactly MY first bird
  12. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    What good would ringing them do in answering this specific question. They only fly Harris hawks for the most part. I'd ring them for questions such as tips on lowering the weight at a more suitable and desirable rate. I don't see how this is making it harder for people like you. It seems the only one making it difficult for yourself is you unfortunately ATB
  13. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    Thanks for that. I have previous knowledge and know a handful of people I could easily ring if any questions need answering. TBH I don't think I'd want to freeloft the majority of birds used but that's just my opinion. Equipment wise I already have an idea of exactly what I'd need as I make the occasional set of jesses, leashes, lures, perches etc club wise I don't believe there is a local one. Thanks for the info tho ATB
  14. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    anyone else reading feel free to state your thoughts
  15. Any Beginner Bird Suggestions?

    That's exactly what I thought. I understand a lot of time is needed which I don't think is too much of a problem for me haha. Thanks for the info and suggestions