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Lumps found in Roe Doe??

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Right then,here is photo of nine egg shape lumps that were found in an outwardly fit Roe Doe.The doe was pregnant with twins,so,do you think that they were ovarian cysts?Here are a couple of pictures for your perusal...........................


They were firm but not tough,the knife although very sharp did go through very easily.They tend to resemble a bollock :blink: ,and,they are in a vellum sac.....................


I'm sure someone on here must have seen the like before............................cheers.................Martin. :thumbs:

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if they resemble your bollocks i should get down the doctors quick lol

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why have you got latex gloves on :hmm:


Because he obviously knows what he's doing!


:clapper::yes: but as for what it is :hmm:

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Just for the record -The doe was shot on my land with martin as a guest.The gloves were worn as a matter of good practice by myself .Deer carry diseases that we humans can pick up .Lymes disease being one of them .Having studied the link kindly provided ,i have to agree as what they are but ive not seen the like before .

The only placenta ive seen has been the usual heavy veining .The lymph nodes were checked and were ok and im sure Martin has pics of these too .

Anyone else come across this? .

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