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  1. might go on sunday as only 20mins from me, if so i'll pm you WH so we can meet up. whip
  2. whip


    here whip i thought you were a nice chap when i met you am not so sure now vote fer tg everyone sorry lass but i didn't name anyone (yet)
  3. they're all looking good mate, love the pup. atb whip
  4. whip


    yeah lass i saw the pictures and although i usually remain gallant i must say if i ever need to park a bike i now know the very place whip
  5. whip


    long time since i was called lovely oppppss i ment simon :clapper: :clapper: thanks
  6. went today(saturday) weather and ground was perfect,had a great time racing dog and meeting up with some folk off the site. a real good day all round. would go again tomorrow but off to kelmarsh instead
  7. whip


    oh and i forgot to tell you three that you reminded me of charlies angels!
  8. whip


    long time since i was called lovely
  9. i use land drain pipe, you can get it from builders merchants
  10. whip


    tell me about it
  11. does anyone have details of the lurcher/terrier show at south wingfield next sunday 29th march 2009. whip
  12. whip

    Barnsley dog show

    well my clan all had a great day,was nice to meet tracey and her family, real good to see dennned again and what can i say about riohh whip was fantastic for his first go at racing won his heat and 2nd in final(still only 13months old) i was delighted with him.strider was his usual 1 paced self(don't suppose he's going to change now he's 7yrs old lol) matt and louis bull x pups(spartan+boycie 9 months) bred by loves2hunt off the site ran really well,were 1st and 2nd in heat and matts(boycie) was 2nd in his final.mate mez won his final with judd, won here last year too and was very impressive.
  13. well done, how old is he and how is he bred? whip
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