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First time shooting a .270

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Yeahhhhh think I prefer my 30-06 honestly, Anyway this is the .270 Weatherby  Vanguard I'm taking care of for my gf . Was her dad's and after he passed earlier this year it got passed to her and now I'm holding on to it till she's ready ( gun safe , working up light recoiled loads ect) 



Shot if for the first time since the 90's apparently. Rounds where loaded in 91' and they are .... Stout lol. Made the mistake of trying to shoot it with free recoil on the first shot aaannnnd yeah no lol. Definitely not the gun to do that with

First shot was bout a foot high crazy laugh just some pictures from the slow motion video where you can see the thing jumping out of my head lol



Her dad is probably looking down at me laught his butt off right now 😂 according to his other daughter he'd like to talk about how he had a few "hot" recipes he wanted me to try when he saw my reloading posts on FB and would joke about hod why would probably knock me on my ass  I'm 5'1" 160 soaking wet and he was like 6' so thing and 250 .But anyway if I reading his load book right seems I'm not too far off what he was shooting. He was far from a " goodnuff" shooter but he was a Jack o Conner fan and pretty practical. Don't see anything wrong with this load for the whole 150yd tops he would probably be shooting.



Definitely think I'm going to need to put a better scope and a nice cheek riser too it along with working some light recoil load up for it before it's ready for my gf.

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Looks a bit slow Norma lists 3200 with 140s and MRP powder what they developed for Weatherbys factory loads (Maybee a short barrel?).

Find a light monometal bullet it should take down the recoil. Rangefinders, BDC scopes, Ballistic kalcylators have made this kind of bean field rifles less popular.

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