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On 17/11/2021 at 19:45, Meece said:

Super day.  At least you had  birds in the sky.  It's  bad when you set up on a cold windy day and they all decide that the field next door was better feeding. 

Had that a number of times and packed up gone to said field only for them to go to where I was originally set up

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It's got to be sods law.  When its happened I've even walked out the hide and across the field to see if I can see the hide.   My mate has even watched the hide if he could see any movement. Still another and more galling thing is  when they've been on the field yesterday and you go and set up only for the birds to overfly the pattern out of shot range and sail on into the distance.   I remember one particular time when I went back to the car, got the binoculars out and watched the birds fly on for about good mile and land on a field.  Unfortunately not a field that I would get access to.   I packed up and went home to mow the lawns.  The dog was not best pleased and  After 10 minutes of disappearing across the field I managed to get her to heel and in the motor.

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