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Pig hunting using dogs in Nz

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Its a dangerous business . This big boar was living & roaming between a forestry block & a sheep & cattle station. He was at 130kgs one of the biggest boars I caught in 45 years of hunting .






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1 hour ago, Marcos said:

Very good looking team of dogs, in great order! 

Bit of Airedale in one of them?

yes ,great spotting Marcos ,he was 50% Airedale,25% Aussie Cattle 25% Greyhound ,a real tuff dog.   

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when I read about dogs facing teeth on here I smile ,some of the dogs pictured here were killed during a encounter with a boar ,at least with the tracking gear you can find them .A wild boar is a real test for any dog, week in week out, some jack it and lose any interest in answering the bark or to bring a big boar to bail. These dogs are either rehomed or given away . A dog that rips the ball bag on the chase is highly valued .Every boar is dangerous & by the body language it sends out, the dogs know, to handle with care  even so some pay the highest price .

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