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Albinos ferret kits

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Albino ferret kits, bred from a long line of good working albinos.. rabbit fed,  kits ready in 5 weeks.... 1 Hob 4 Jills..... £25 wakefield. Can wats app pics ....07807721355 

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£25 for a ferret that gives you about 7 good seasons of working rabbit and rat if its your hobby or even income has got to be one of the best values for money going, i lost mine for a while last year nd was devestated and prepared to pay a lot more money to replace with ferrets which were half as good, the lads bred and reared something that will provide years of enjoyment , exitement when entering and hopefully improving with more work providing its bred and entered right

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I personally wouldn’t charge £25 but that’s not at all unreasonable, christ have a look online some people charging £80 for a kit. As cantona says above when you consider the work a ferret can give you £25 is nothing really. The days of £5 for a ferret and £100 for lurcher are over. 

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BobThe ferret , I don't think it's extortionate  either mate, I would pay £25 no problem for a ferret kit knowing it's from a good honest working line that will be fed on rabbit and we'll handled , to me this is worth their weight in gold. I think it's reasonably priced considering what they are going  for on preloved and they probably have  not even seen a rabbit? Plus I would like to think £25 would  put off any ferret peddlers buying and selling them to gain profit. Also it's all to easy to pick up a ferret for £5 and neglect it or pass it on from pillar to post...Also I would like to state that this is the first time in 7 years that I have bred my ferrets, so please do not think for one moment  I'm breeding for Greed. I'm keeping a hob and my close knit friends are taking Jills to keep the line between us.

Hope this helps

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I don’t think you need to explain yourself to anyone, the buyer should be the only one questioning you on the price if they are not happy. You’ll get this on a forum. 

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