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Whats in your fly box?

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29 minutes ago, neil r said:

F flies are so simple looking but they just seem to work wherever I’ve used them , even done well with size 18-20 ones on stillwaters . Never had a char even though the odd place I’ve fished has had them , in fact I can’t ever remember seeing one come out of those fisheries either , the nearest I can remember is a char cross called a sparctic . As for grayling the Calder and ribble near me are wick with them . Over Christmas I was hammering them on the Calder on the stickfloat , sometimes getting 40+ in a couple of hours from a couple of oz to a couple of lb’s . 

Is there a day ticket stretch that's worth fishing for grayling? 

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36 minutes ago, DIDO.1 said:

Is there a day ticket stretch that's worth fishing for grayling? 

I’m not sure if Pendle and Burnley do day tickets on the calder at altham , I’m sure they used to at one time but I dropped out of the club a few years ago so things might have changed . If they do it might also cover their stretches behind the bowling greens at Padhiam and behind cornfields fishery . There’s radacs ribchester stretch , I get them on the opposite bank and also the bank between ribchester and woodcutters so no reason why you won’t get them off ribchester front . There’s also the ribble passport day ticket stretch below the aspinall arms which gives you from the bridge right round to past hodder foot and down to Calder foot and also a bit of the Calder .

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