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Ferret falling over and disorientated

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On Sunday I noticed my hob was looking old he is 5 or 6 , today iv come home to find him falling over and bumping in to things , am gutted he's been a bloody good ferret , is they any thing I can do or should I just end it now ? 

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It’s unfair when things go like that unfortunately you have to do the right thing for your little man. As I seem to get older they seem to become more family than hunters sounds strange but I believe it’s true. 

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Sorry to agree with everyone else although i don't know what the symptom indicates. On one occasion i had a Jill who staggered a bit and circled but was quick on her feet, she had ear mites that were making her disoriented and she lived another year. Sadly when they are slow and staggering it's always been my experience it's a strong sign they are on there way out. I have a 6 year old hob who is showing signs at the moment ☹️. When he stops eating or getting up to say hi that's it. One thing I always try, in case they are ill with something recoverable, is rehydration. Human rehydration salts at pack dilution plus a small amount of sugar. Use a small syringe to gently deliver it. Try it 2 or 3 times a day for a couple of days.  Whatever happens, they don't get to 5 or 6 years without being looked after so no doubt they had a good life 👍

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