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Lovely afternoon mooch - Young and Old

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Hey guys,

very fortunate with the local land I can mooch, weather was perfect so me and the Mrs went for a 3 hour walk today. Just a few snaps of the day to share and had plenty of sport on the way round! 

Cream feathered dog is 8 year old and I had him from Shaun Powell on here.. been a good dog over the years and can still turn it on 


The red one is the Razor bred bitch (litter sister to Jacob’s Troy) I reared myself, she’s steadying up these days at 10 year old , but has been an exceptional bitch for me and done herself proud. 


and then the lunatic in the bunch my newest recruit the smooth cream pup, also razor bred and 7 months ish old (won’t stay still long enough for a decent pic lol) 25” TTS and god knows how much he weighs, but the boy can eat!


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Mother was a first x Saluki grey I bought from a guy in Birmingham watched her on trial before I bought her she had some good names in her breeding can’t remmember what they where though.  real good bitch speed to burn with a sharp mouth would kill 3/3. 3/4 every time out.  broke her back leg as you can see in the picture, and was retired to a pet home., father was a 3/4 saluki greyhound, Bradfords Luke bred dog,, not a match dog but very honest with a big heart,  and would kill every time out. 

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