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100 yard plinking (fac air)

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Had a bit of fun today, three of us, two .17 hmr’s, one .22rf, one hw100 .177 and one fx impact .22  fac. Started at 50 yards and moved back to 100 yards. At 50, the hw100 couldn’t really be beaten  by any of the others for accuracy, we had some paper targets and golf balls, tin cans, tiny apples etc, nothing too challenging. After we moved back to 100 yards the hw100 went back in my pals car as this was a bit far for it. Anyway, once I was on the right mill dot, the impact was hitting golf balls every shot, and one of my pals said, I’m going to shoot the orange 🍊 golf ball that’s on a string (in front of a solid backstop). He was using his hmr, and challenged me to shoot the string before he could shoot the ball. Well, I couldn’t actually see the string, but I aimed just about 1/4” above the centre of the golf ball, squeezed the trigger, and guess what. Cut the string first shot, 100 yards with an air rifle. This impact never ceases to amaze me. One of my pals started taking an interest in the impact, asking some questions about it. I think he’ll be raiding his piggy bank before long😂

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the only thing that lets the impact down as well with most air rifles is the price

and i know had both the impact and the crown

but not in fac mind



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