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bigmac 97kt

Raider v 17 hmr part 2

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Well the raider still aint gona win is it lol

Tx,d sean asking if he was going shooting and a time was aranged 10,30pm

i went one way and he the other

iv had a lot of issues with the raider and photon for a few weeks and sean sorted it out for me

she now shoots spot on .

any way all i could hear was the 17 going off when we met back up at the tank he had 4 rabbits

then a bit later on i got a tx and a pic of a dog fox he had shot

i dont know the details but im sure sean will tell you all any way .

any way i blanked but i had a good night any way

just one of them nights seams the harder i tried the more i missed lol

looks like ill have to get my fac then i can hit them at a 100+ yrds as well

as long as its not one of them nights lol.

Some times its not about getting any thing but just being out in the country side with a good mate

when you need them and hell knows i needed him yesterday

had a lot on my mind yesterday and it aint going to go away today either

thanks Sean was a good night mate .



mod.... sak

scope,,,, pard 008

spotter,,, thermal


raider 22 single shot (air rifle)

mod,,,, sak

scope,,,, photon xt nv

spotter,,, pard 019 nv



PS for those of you that dont go on the air gun section

part one is on there




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I was out last night to and shot nowt. It was grand in the wind just dark enough to be concealed but not to dark so as to trip.

Atvb Jimmy.

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Nice one jimmy and when you don't have a good friend, you can always take Sean again.............................................😎 😂 😉   Sorry Sean just fun.  


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