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    • By pedro
      My wee bitch managed to cut through her tendons at the wrist of her front leg 5 weeks ago, the vet had it strapped up with a splint for 3 weeks then a heavy dressing for a week, now the dressing is off im just wondering if anyones had a similar injury and any advice regarding getting her back running, i dont plan running her this season so time is no problem, the wrist is still quite sore and stiff yet
    • By kingdong
      has anyone got numba of bone man in leigh cheers
    • By Outside man
      hello .jus wondering if anyone on here has had dogs with ligament damage to there wrist and if they have succesfully healed fully back to normal without no more problems and how long they had to rest it and ive been told to get some zheng gu shui or bone radial anyone know what is the best out of the two would much appreciate some advice thanks alot ..luke
    • By jessythewhippet
      Out with the dog lamping tonight slipped her at a rabbit chassing it and turning it then i noticed a lane that ran up along the hedge in the field she chased it donw the lane and turned it and whilst she was turning she fell and the rabbit slipped into the hedge, when she was trotting back to me I said to my mate theres somthing not right here, im gonna check her feet, she came back and the lamp was turned off i stood over her and lifted up he leg , my mate turned on the lamp and my hand was covered in blood (Ohhhhh Fcukkk) rang an old hare coursing man i know he said just go home clean it out really well in warm salty water and bandage it up
      So shes all cleaned out and bandaged up, but the bandage isnt that great and would be easy for her to rip it off so was wondering should i get a roll of this out of the vets http://www.equestriansupplements.co.uk/elite-wrap-selfadhesive-flexible-bandages-navy-blue-p-769.html
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