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Hugget atom .22

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Got one of these on a .177 bsa ultra and it seems pretty loud. It states .22 on the packaging so does this mean there's a option for .177? 

It's not exactly a cheapo silencer so would have thought it would have been quieter 

Any advise.. 


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Yes - buy something different. 


In my experience,  you're paying for a pretty silencer with Huggett.

 ......... others will be quieter for less money.


To be effective,  they need internal volume and baffles  - the Atom is just too small to compete. 

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Never found any Huggett silencer any good  . You can’t beat Weihrauch silencer they have become the silencer to beat , I have never seen one which can and I have tried a few including Huggett, a&m twink and other a& mm silencers , although the twink is very close . The only other ones which matches Weihrauch, is the ones I had made by airtech and ratworks  , but they are shroud and silencer all in one 

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Yes I agree with the Weihrauch is by far the best from ones I have had. I used to have an Ultra with a BSA mod which was nothing short of garbage so popped on a Swift Stumpy which was better but then put on the Weihrauch and instant silence.


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