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Slow start...

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....but bucked up later ( sorry 😂) ...out with a mate who's been looking after a couple of perm's for me while I've been in Spain..we were out at first light , weather wise it was quite misty with a slight breeze that continually changed direction , I only see one doe and her fawn on my side of the estate , my pal see 100 plus in various groups but nothing that was within shootable distance , breakfast ,followed by high seat moving,  as we left the vehicle my pal said you might as well take a gun , sods law we will bump into one if we dont ...less than fifty yards from the truck , after clattering about getting the fold up out of the trailer this buck stood looking at us from from the top of the track we were going down. From no more than forty yds he watched as I set the quad  sticks mounted the rifle and squeezed ...


his back leg had been broken or severely damaged at some point  the bones were fused at the joint , in the chiller he scaled just 100lb..

Seat installed one hour later this one came out ..20191022_174428.jpg.8ba930d0ef7780e22630923f3b3a9fcc.jpg



...ten minutes later a shot from my pal ..

This one was laying down under a tree..


Just one antler he was pretty beaten up 

Three down , 100lb 110lb and 127lb in the chiller ..

Three good cull animals..



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Yes good mate ..you all well your end ? I lost my phone and all the numbers on it ..🤬 ..I’ll send you the new number ...

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9 hours ago, Sausagedog said:

Ain't that the way....we sneak about and see nowt, make a din and they show up.

Always fancied rattling antler but never have.

Sometimes you can rattle away with no response at all , other times they literally run at you and you have to shout to get them to stop to get a shot ...well worth a try if the rut is on ...

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