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mp3 call ,distressed Pheasant needed please

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Upgraded me phone and so called smart switch didnt it trashed my pheasant call mp3.Any kind peeps able to send me the distressed Pheasant call i would be most grateful .May the fruit of your loins be bountiful and you sire many a fine son ,thanks in advance kind gentilfolk

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not got the no how to download and turn to mp3 s/d .never known how S/D

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You have to copy the video address in the search bar. Paste it to a video to MP3 converter web site. Once converted down load the file.

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    • By Sausagedog
      While you were playing with your new rifles I went and got me a 3" hatsan ford escort 12g and to be honest I am quite impressed! 
      I put 28, 29, 32 and 36 gram loads through it and home loads some of which were subsonic and it cycled the lot! And with no O ring present!
      I eventually did put an O ring on it but it was to thick and just would not allow the hammer to strike the firing pin although the action was locked. It's quite a precise fit. I later fitted a smaller section ring and now it fires. The reason for the ring despite perfect function without one is that the barreled action is quite loose without it but with it it all snugs up nice.
      The one stock adjuster made it a perfect fit for me too. As autos go it is a pleasant cyclic sensation too, not effecting aiming much at all. It's no lightweight but not ridiculous either.
      No pictures as it's just a cheap auto and I have been busy building an arc to survive the floods!!
      Now, just got to wait untill September and hope the new world order movement don't get a knee jerk law passed banning duck and goose shooting one day before the season!
      Oh yes, no oil in the action at all !
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      Last month in Washington, America a fox cub catching his dinner met a Bald eagle looking for his dinner .A great photo 

    • By Baldcoot
      Friday night thought i,d have a pre pheasant delivery fox mooch .Pardnv 007 on a Hawke Vantage 3-12x50 on top of a cz452 in,22.l/r but with CCI segs in for mr charles .
      Also my spanish pal wanted some bunnies for the b,b,q <his fault the weather,s gone pooh>so the segs  do both ,set off about 10.30pm in squalid dirty patchy fog but i thought helps me to hide and the thermal spotter keeps mr charles in view .4 frustrating hours later old charley boy is a no show so back to the car i stomp.
      Suddenly a suicidal rabbit just pops up from his hole and stares at this big lump in the fog ,well at 10yds even this blind old blinker couldnt miss ,the Pard,s clear unfuzzy picture is sweet and no 1 is bagged after gutting . A nice size buck <meal for 2 > carry on plodding .
      Across the meadow towards the gate a small blobb is being chased by a horny blobb so i put the rifle up and the doe is no 2 for the bbq .Gutted and bagged back to the car i trots.
      Wish id got this sooner its far superior to Photon and sony camera or hawkes own monocular for image quality and range atb and good hunting 

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      went out last nite at 8.30 , the wind was very favorable blowing down the wood line strate into my face , I put out 3 tins of dog meat , with mixer , and some chicken wings at 150 yards from the truck , had the .223 sat on bean bags on the bonnet, loaded and safety on 
      got back in the truck, with the passenger window down, looking out thro with the nite spotter, 
      the fist one came along after about 10 minutes, I shouted at it but I don't think it heard me as it just kept munching away , I waited till it was head on and took the shot in the bib (bottom fox)'
      it hit the deck , game over , 
      i was going to retrieve it , but then thought that I had read somewhere that leaving a shot fox is some times not a bad thing to do , as it doesn't stop other foxes in the area from coming in 
      so it was left where it lay , 
      i thought nothing will be about for a while now so out came the flask , I'd just poured out the tea 
      and had a quick scan , fuc me there was number 2 munching away on the free dinner, l knock the tea over , burning my bleeding leg getting out the truck , and swearing like a good un 
      thinking after all the noise I've made its bound to have buggerd off , 
      finally got behind the gun turned on the n870 , still swearing to my self I looked tho the unit , and to my amazement it's still there with no idea that I'm there to,  must like them chicken wings 
      same again waited till I was able to get a bib shot , and with in a minute a 55g vmax found the spot . 
      After all this commotion, I ragged up and went home , a happy man with a burnt leg 
      as I type this I'm in bed , bandaged up , and the wife waiting on me , which is very rare ! 
      Roll on the windy nite , and no friggin tea , the two don't mix 
      happy hunting lads 
      Atb Dave 
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      Hi i bought a dark opps nitesite eagle last week but to be honest its not as clear as i was hopeing, i rang a chap who then told me the dont work well on nite force or good quality lense scopes due to the lens qualuity does anyone els know about this ? regards chris