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While you were playing with your new rifles I went and got me a 3" hatsan ford escort 12g and to be honest I am quite impressed! 

I put 28, 29, 32 and 36 gram loads through it and home loads some of which were subsonic and it cycled the lot! And with no O ring present!

I eventually did put an O ring on it but it was to thick and just would not allow the hammer to strike the firing pin although the action was locked. It's quite a precise fit. I later fitted a smaller section ring and now it fires. The reason for the ring despite perfect function without one is that the barreled action is quite loose without it but with it it all snugs up nice.

The one stock adjuster made it a perfect fit for me too. As autos go it is a pleasant cyclic sensation too, not effecting aiming much at all. It's no lightweight but not ridiculous either.

No pictures as it's just a cheap auto and I have been busy building an arc to survive the floods!!

Now, just got to wait untill September and hope the new world order movement don't get a knee jerk law passed banning duck and goose shooting one day before the season!

Oh yes, no oil in the action at all !

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My fave semi auto ,got a SX3 for big stuff but the hatstand just works ,cycles anything i stick in her and as long as u clean the gas ports just works and works well .Ideal hide gun or mudpie in winter as the synthetic stock just wipes clean atb and good hunting 

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10 minutes ago, Baldcoot said:

My fave semi auto ,got a SX3 for big stuff but the hatstand just works ,cycles anything i stick in her and as long as u clean the gas ports just works and works well .Ideal hide gun or mudpie in winter as the synthetic stock just wipes clean atb and good hunting 

I honestly believe oiling is the major cause of issues.

I recall a feller using a beretta on a beaters day on a very cold January day and sure enough mid morning it jammed up. 

All the combustion material turned the oil to a tar like sticky goo.

Fortunately someone had some wd40 and we were able to strip it down and clean it up.

The feller never oiled it again just cleaned it.

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Yep thats why i only clean the gas ports out using of all things bbq carbon remover ,and to clean all else an oiled rag not direct spraying .I use sewing machine oil because its thin and light ,gun oil is a lot thicker .If you leave a coat of oil on in winter as you say it goes as thick as Corbyn and Abbott ,nothing more slimy atb

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Hatistani day today and I gotta say I am very impressed.

It's cock on and not hung up once. Very nice action, can't notice it functioning at all. It's been sorting pests around a farm today and accounted well. The dog even worked a stoat out of a hedge for me but I missed it.


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1 hour ago, Gav said:

Nice grain on the stock pal, is it real wood? 🤔 Looks a bit too good if you know what I mean, but then you've not had time to bash it about really have you 😁

No not lumber Gav, it's the plastic lookalike. Made from melted plastic beer bottles probably.

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4 hours ago, Sausagedog said:

No not lumber Gav, it's the plastic lookalike. Made from melted plastic beer bottles probably.

Yeah like I said looked a bit too good, hard to tell on a photo, and with it been new 🤪

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Well the 3" 52g #0 work....kind of!

Spotted a twitchy fox at 200yds and I started to move in using a dark tree line for cover. She moved away and I followed.

She seemed to stop and start catching beetles so I got down on my knees and started to squeal via my hand. She moved closer cautiously. I squealed again and she came closer.

One more squeal and she kept coming, but going around me to wind me.

As she got close to winding me I aimed at her with the hatsan. Pointing the gun 180° from her original position I held the bead on her and said "Bernard thats 50yds" and so I tripped the trigger!

That's when my mistake was realised!

Don't keep the thumb on the torches button during firing 3" ammo! It switches the torch off for you! 

I quickly got the torch back on and on the fox that had run in an arc past me but click!! Nothing!!

The gun had not fed a new round! I have no idea why, never failed before!!

Anyway, after loading I went looking and found her stone dead about sixty yards away.


It was quite easy really compared to a rifle but I prefer #3&#2 for fox. I could only find one pellet hole in the ribs!

Now I gotta test it for fun toon with 3"....more testing 🙄

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50g ,0g wow door opener cartridge ,Try some steel SD , i used 36g no3 makes a big enough  hole and more balls  and having the ommph of steel powder cycles Hatsan nicely ,though ive got some nice Eley Himax of vintage that also will do .You get the critter and thats the main thing .I too have been daft enough to hold the torch on the barrel instead of using a clamp ,does make for a wtf when trying to control both ,enjoy your testing atb

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Testing done and all ok. I have no idea what happened on the night.

At a long 50yds the pattern was reasonable with 1/2 choke but I may use the the 3/4 for night duty next time.

I agree, #3 shot is my fave. You can't beat pattern and multi strikes.

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