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South hams hunter

Lugging and fishing with the kids

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Sorry had to put several replies to get my pics in 


Well the misses wanted to take the kids out but u needed a few lb of lug so thought we'd kill 2 birds with one stone. I could have dug a local bank with the eldest but the rest wouldn't have been able to walk out to it so went to a more secluded spot that you come down through the woods to it. The girls had a picnic, swam about, collected shells, small fish, built a bad sand castle 🤣 and got it in the way (they thought they where they were helping bless em). 


We then took the younger two and my mates boy to the break water this morning with some scraps that weren't really any good and picked up a few good size blennies down the wall, 15 in total. 




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Great stuff mate...

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Cracking pics mate everyone happy atb Flacko 

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