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.223 scope to 600 yards?????????????

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Help me out please.

Save me scouring the countryside, I need a scope for a new .223 I'm buying as a Club/Guest rifle.  This is a target only scope.    This will be a perfectly reasonable setup without getting near World class, I can already hear where some will be going on this, but I have delivered 8 V Bulls and 2 Bulls with my T3Lite .223 at 600 yards with a £40 JSR scope on top at the time, and that is plenty good enough, but I need something a bit better that will stand the test of time, this will be a long term investment for my Club.

It MUST cope with 600 yards without daft mounts of shims.

It will mainly be used at 200-300 yards but 600 is essential.

I know a lot will struggle to give me enough elevation, so thats no good obviously.

Now the fun part, budget is £300 to Absolute max of £400.

Suggestions please!


PS Scope only ideas please, I have set our Club Armourer the task of delivering a shortlist of suitable rifles.

Thanks again! :thumbs:

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I used a mtc Taipan 6-24x56 on my .22-250 out to 700 yards and was a great scope. Also used the Hawke sidewinder and nikko stirling target master all preety good. 

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