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Youg one coming along

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Out on my own again today guy's took a couple of dogs and a few ferrets and hit a couple of burrows i'm pretty familiar with, to give a bit more work to the young ferrets, and they didn't disappoint.  


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Nice video Doug. Like how you explained the humanity side of ferreting the rabbits as opposed to the alternatives. Used to help control the rabbits on an orchard in Kent where if left they would ring bark the established fruit trees, thus killing the trees, and also undermining the trees by digging out warrens in and around the root system, again killing the trees. Same with all kinds of crops. Trouble is there are a lot of people who have 'fluffy bunny syndrome' and don't actually give any thought to the consequences of NOT controlling them. It's a similar attitude with urban foxes where I live, and you get people stating shit like "foxes won't take a cat or small dog".

4 nice meals you got there.:thumbs:

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