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Ever since the GL nightmare started I have been commenting on Mark Avery's blog where he discusses all the anti-fieldsports campaign they have under the guise of protecting wildlife. 

I ask you to get on there and start commenting on the blog, it's easy to do and takes no time. Show these people that we wont just sit here and take the blatant attack on our way of life  anymore...



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There is a number if threads on here today regarding Mark Averys blog, if you can put a genuine point/argument across, then get on and do so BUT keep it civil or it'll be pulled...

Now, if your not so good at that sort of thing, then under each of the comments is a thumbs up or down vote for that comment.... Get on there and supportthose that are supporting you with their comments and arguments.... SHOW YOUR SUPPORT with the simple click of a button....!!!

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This blog was down for a while but is now up and running again unfortunately 


Just a reminder to get on there if you have time and show your support for the hunting community! 

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Shall have a look

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