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For Deer Stalking Syndicates check the interweb!

For some reason I have never really thought about it for deer, plenty for Pheasant and certainly deer stalking shoots available, but syndicates, not that many?

I'll take you out and I'd bet foxdropper would for the right price! :laugh::thumbs:

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Cant put a price on the glorious Wiltshere countryside Chris but yes I'd take him out if he's willing to travel .

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1 hour ago, foxdropper said:

Cant put a price on the glorious Wiltshere countryside Chris but yes I'd take him out if he's willing to travel .


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    • By divemaster72
      Tickets going fast and only a few remaining. 
      Click on the link below to find out what the prizes are and how to get purchase your tickets
      Where else could you win such prizes for a fiver a go
    • By Mickey Finn
      A couple white tails I shot the other day. I was hunting a cut bean field adjacent to about a ten acre woodlot and a farm drainage. This is the most active portion of their rut and bucks can show up anywhere-literally. It's a really exiting time to hunt deer. 
      The eight point (4x4) came by chasing a doe passing on my right. I didn't get a shot so I grunted one time and sat tight. He came back around 20 minutes later and stood broadside in the open maybe 30 yards away. I couldn't believe my luck. 180gr. Remington corelok downrange and he dropped in his tracks. Again, I can't believe my luck. I stand up and start to sling my rifle and two does come out and stand there 20 feet from the down fellow. Really not believing my luck at this point. I had one doe tag and there was not a nickles difference between these two. The one I shot hunched up nice and ran into the woodlot. 20 yards in she turned to watch her back trail and expired. The eight point was a really big bodied fellow. it doesn't show so much in the picture. But I needed help loading him and I never do normally.
      Chronic Wasting Disease is becoming a concern here so both heads had to be checked at the lab. Meats in the freezer waiting on the results.
      Good luck everyone this season and be safe. We've had 4 fatalities and a fellow who ended up suspended upside down from his tree stand 40 feet in the air. The Technical Rescue Team had to be deployed. That had to be embarrassing. lol

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      My doctor has just informed me that all members in the practice have taken a stance and are no longer signing FAC applications and or renewals
      anyone else had same issue and any advice ??
    • By JimRun
      I have seen Lurchers used for bits of roughshooting but nothing on them tracking deer. Just wondering if anyone here had any stories or information.
    • By Mickey Finn
      This was a strange buck. I have some permission on a small farm owned by two of the best people I've ever met. So, when I stop by to visit the conversation runs pretty long. This means I get set up late in my stand. I use a climber so this has to be packed out and set up. I was sitting on the corner of standing corn, and the wood lot. There were just enough acorns falling to maybe entice a few deer to leave the corn. About 20 minutes into my sit I saw this guy and I thought I would pass. But he lingered in the area and attacked every deer that tried to cross from the corn to the acorns. We are talking maybe 6 or 7 deer. As the light faded he moved to the corner of the corn and made a scrape. That's all I could take. So, I slowly stood up and as quietly as I could I switched around so I was facing the tree and could shoot to the corn side. Well just then he moved off and jumped a fence to the neighboring property. Then he jumped back and seemed to be following my trail past my blind? So, as quietly as I could I slowly turned around yet again facing into the wood lot. As soon as I was in position there he was and I let fly. I heard a perfect thwack and he jumped like he should and ran about 30 feet to the edge of the corn. There he attacked another deer I had not seen and simply stood there. After I while I got to thinking I screwed up somehow and better shoot him again. Sooo, I rummaged around in my pockets as quietly as I could and found My pull cord. (I'm using a crossbow) and pulled another bolt from my quiver. I had to raise my 57 yo old leg up and over the rifle rest on my stand and insert my foot in the brace to pull the string back to cock it. No sooner had I pulled it back and he bolted into the corn. (I hate corn) I heard him tearing up things in there and thought great he attacking another deer. But it was his death throws and I found him without too much trouble.
      This was my first ever gut shot so I did screw up.