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Yorkshire Ferreter

Should I breed my springer bitch?

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My liver and white springer spaniel has just come into season this weekend and I'm wanting to beed her. She's 5, has brilliant breeding and is really keen out beating, she's a treasure. The only problem is she can be quite vocal in that she whines quite a lot when she's playing, and event of excitement when she is sent out for a retrieve. Any opinions on whether to breed or not? Many thanks

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I bred my pit bitch who was a brilliant  dog but a whinger,  twice to two different quiet dogs two years apart.All the dog pups I know of turned out whingers,and all the bitches were quiet like the fathers.They all were great dogs apart from that.

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No. Breeding is something you plan, not something you just decide to do when your bitch is in season. The idea is to breed only for the betterment of the breed. That usually includes a wide search for a good stud. Love your dog. Shoot a lot of birds over her. Spoil her. But leave the breeding to others. 

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