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The first of new the duck tubes I’ve made up. My mate has them on his shoot and has had Fantastic results so I’m going to give them a try on ours. Just need to sort some  lengths of scaffolding now to sit them on in the water and they’ll be up and running! I’ll get some pictures up when they are in position. 


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I've just knocked a couple of these up myself yesterday. Didn't take any pictures. Very similar design only I constricted the entrance a bit by shaping the wire and blocked off one end. I made it into a raft by screwing 18" length logs at either end then hoyed them into the bulrushes. Just read that ducks won't take nesting material in themselves so I'll have to nip down and stuff them with more straw.

I'm quite keen to get a dozen put in if they are going to be worth while. these couple are just experimental.

Anybody else had experience with these?

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I’m going to be putting these on scaffold poles driven into the ponds with the leg you can see in picture slotted into the top of the scaffold pole. So they are elevated out of the water but most importantly up and out the way from predation and I will be able to see from the bank if they are being used. 

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4 hours ago, albifrons said:

Hope you have better luck than us. 

Insalled 6 two years ago and had nothing so far, but we hope it will happen one day.




My mate swears by his! He got 52 eggs out of just two of his last year. Even the local parish council where he lives have asked if he’ll put one on the village pond for them! 

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